Agile Research –  UX and user research

Services to UXers and Product Managers

  • Recruiting and responsibly administering people from the target demographic
  • Remote, moderated focus groups, interviews and usability testing – broadcast live
  • Results and analysis
  • Focused reports to evidence design decisions

Services to SMEs

  • Recruiting and responsibly administering people from your target demographic
  • Undertaking market research including surveys and competitor analysis – we gather customer feedback about how you’re doing.
  • Independent source of evidence to support business cases and funding applications¬†
  • Rapid digital prototyping
  • Data collection: eye tracking, recording website interactions, and web analytics
  • Data analysis
  • Evidenced insights for design and decision making

Services to statutory agencies

  • An independent view upon services and the user experience
  • Inclusive recruitment of research participants, responsible administration, regard to privacy and duty of care
  • Primary user research (attitudinal surveys, usability studies etc.)
  • Support for service evaluation and development
  • Research that’s quick and cost-effective¬†
  • Useful reporting of findings (we aim to be concise and relevant)¬†
  • Experience with user centred design and service design

We also-

  • Evaluate and inform website navigation
  • Audit accessibility (e.g. WCAG)
  • Undertake desk research
  • Facilitate user acceptance testing (UAT)
  • Investigate the competitors and similar products/services
  • Involve you to help make findings useful
  • Support you to develop your capability with user centred, evidence based development
Typical research cycle