Agile Research –  UX and user research

Services to UXers and Product Managers

  • Recruiting and responsibly administering people from the target demographic
  • Remote, moderated focus groups, interviews and usability testing – broadcast live
  • Results and analysis
  • Focused reports to evidence design decisions

Services to SMEs

  • Recruiting and responsibly administering people from your target demographic
  • Undertaking market research including surveys and competitor analysis – we gather customer feedback about how you’re doing.
  • Independent source of evidence to support business cases and funding applications 
  • Rapid digital prototyping
  • Data collection: eye tracking, recording website interactions, and web analytics
  • Data analysis
  • Evidenced insights for design and decision making

Services to statutory agencies

  • An independent view upon services and the user experience
  • Inclusive recruitment of research participants, responsible administration, regard to privacy and duty of care
  • Primary user research (attitudinal surveys, usability studies etc.)
  • Support for service evaluation and development
  • Research that’s quick and cost-effective 
  • Useful reporting of findings (we aim to be concise and relevant) 
  • Experience with user centred design and service design

Our products and offerings -

Discovering the experience of your patients
  • Customisable survey questions from the national survey
  • Fulfilment of materials, data processing and real time reporting
  •  Independent results
  • Affordable
Recruitment and administration of research participants
  • Recruit from your target demographic
  • Compliance with data protection legislation and industry best practice 
Focus groups
  • Provision of participants
  • Facilitation 
  • Broadcasting, recording, write-up and reporting
Usability testing
  • Realistic, interactive digital prototyping 
  • Rapid, useful results
  • Usability and accessibility audits

Some things we've done -

1.  Survey and interview with service users

Primary research in clinical environments, production of materials, analysis of results. 

3.  Focus groups

From our extensive network we can recruit research participants representative of your clients and service users.

2.  Heat mapping and recording of site visitor interaction

We can automatically record traffic to a website to show where and how visitors interact with pages.

We also evaluate the performance of improvements by comparing new and previous versions of a site (A/B testing)

4.  Accessibility and usability audits

A cost-effective means of evaluating existing sites and services

5.  Rapid prototyping and testing of improvements

Prototyping can be done with paper and pencils (lo-fi) or HTML (hi-fi).
Online prototypes can appear and function exactly the same as a web page: live testing with minimum development.

We also-

  • Evaluate and inform website navigation
  • Audit accessibility (e.g. WCAG)
  • Undertake desk research
  • Facilitate user acceptance testing (UAT)
  • Investigate the competitors and similar products/services
  • Involve you to help make findings useful
  • Support you to develop your capability with user centred, evidence based development
Typical research cycle